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Supportive, high-quality care

Encompass Health branch support team members, such as administrative specialists, bereavement coordinators, clinical field staff supervisors, hospice volunteer coordinators, intake coordinators, medical records specialists and patient services coordinators work together to coordinate our branch operations. Whether scheduling clinicians for patient visits, processing an intake of a patient referral or on-boarding a new employee, the support roles within our hospice segment are key to the overall success of quality patient care.

Our hospice branch support team

Administrative specialist/HR designee

Bereavement coordinator

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Clinical field staff supervisor

Hospice volunteer coordinator

Intake coordinator

Medical records specialist

Patient services coordinator

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We are Encompass Health

We do a lot of brainstorming and extensive trainings, and I know that a lot of other people in our industry, they refuse patients because they're difficult. We don't do that, not at Encompass Health. We want to make sure that we are the ones taking care of those patients and figure out how to do it effectively.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

When taking ownership, you are taking responsibility. This is important as we are all responsible for the success or failures of Encompass Heath. Ownership allows for recognition of success and identification of failures. Ownership provides the opportunity to celebrate or make improvements to ensure success.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

Encompass Health has the earned reputation of being the best agency to work for in the Austin area. I find Encompass Health to be generous and caring. Most companies make it difficult to be loyal, which means the job is a stepping stone for the next job. Encompass Health will retain loyal people as they continue to walk the talk of a better way to care.

- Encompass Health team member

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