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Our home health specialty programs

Our specialty programs allow our clinicians to better manage each patient’s specific needs and symptoms, delivering higher-quality care and superior outcomes. Through this approach, we can better understand the challenges that each patient is facing and better control outcomes helping patients retain their independence longer.

Balance and Fall Prevention

Aging, physical changes, health conditions and even medications can make it more likely that you could fall. Our Balance and Fall Prevention program is designed to assess and minimize your risk. We consider physical challenges like balance, flexibility, muscle strength and gait, as well as identifying hazards in our patient’s home. Then we put into action an individualized care plan to significantly reduce fall risk.

Care transitions

Our Care Transitions program ensures the highest-quality care is provided by experienced clinicians as each patient transfers from one care setting to the next. Services include obtaining paperwork, scheduling appointments, coordinating equipment and services, reviewing medications, evaluating home settings, and communicating patient needs.


We care for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension (high blood pressure) and other heart and vascular diseases. Our customized care plans, developed with physicians, include comprehensive assessment, patient education and self-management – the knowledge, tools and motivation patients need to comply with physician’s orders. As a result, patients are more likely to achieve their health care goals, and less likely to need urgent or emergency care.

Community Care Program

Through our Community Care Program, we partner with independent living and assisted living communities to help residents delay or avoid moving to a more comprehensive facility such as a nursing home. We provide skilled nursing and therapy for patients who need a higher degree of care, as well as skilled nursing, social work and chaplain services to patients requiring hospice services.

Diabetes management

Diabetes can be one of the most difficult chronic diseases for patients to manage, but controlling blood sugar levels to prevent serious complications is essential. Through education and a customized treatment plan, our leading clinicians can make it easier to manage your diabetes. With their help and guidance, you’ll make better food choices, become more active, and be less likely to overlook the important tasks of testing your blood and taking your medicine.


For patients recovering from orthopedic surgery, we provide home care designed to improve mobility and function and help you get better faster. For orthopedic surgery such as joint replacements, preparation is key. That’s why we educate you about what to expect during your recovery. We’ll assist your surgeon in developing a customized care plan, then start your physical therapy as soon as possible after you leave the hospital. Our clinicians will continually assess your ability to walk and perform other activities safely. This allows adjustments to your care plan to be made quickly and effectively, and ensures you’ll meet your treatment goals.

Our technology

When it comes to home health, having the right software solutions and resources makes a big difference in patient care. Our state-of-the-art software allows us to provide a superior in-home experience by enabling secure, compliant, reliable and organized communication between patients and their care team. The result is unparalleled care through simple processes and comprehensive information management.

Homecare Homebase

Through our state-of-the-art Homecare Homebase software solutions, virtually all aspects of our clinical operations are streamlined, from referral processing, to scheduling and patient visit documentation, with timely management of physician orders. Our technology provides efficiency and helps us deliver better patient outcomes.

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Encompass Health Connection

Our web-based portal delivers increased transparency into a patient’s history, progress and customized plan of care. Encompass Health Connection provides clarity and collaboration to the home health experience.

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Predictive analytics and machine learning

Through a third-party software solution, we have access to extensive home health clinical data that helps our teams better manage and plan care for patients who may have ongoing care needs. These tools help communication across teams, streamline processes and improve the overall patient experience. They also support improved follow up communication with at-risk patients after they are discharged

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