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Hospital happenings

Thomas Bologna

Thomas Bologna had Bell's palsy and severe weakness on his left side due to a stroke he had in October. After his stroke he stayed in the acute care hospital for eight days and transitioned to Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala for therapy to regain his mobility, so he could walk and care for himself again. His primary goal was to be able to take care of his dog again. After Thomas suffered a stroke, he almost lost all hope. He was nervous about coming to Encompass Health and worried that life as he knew it would never be the same.

Once he met our therapy team and he realized how warm and engaging they are, his nerves left, and he made an incredible amount of progress. At the time of discharge Mr. Bologna was independent with transfers. He was able to walk 220 feet with a walker and can drive again. He stopped by recently to visit and show his gratitude to the therapy staff that helped him and showed them the continued gains he has made.