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Hospital happenings

Jacyln Grill Jacyln Grill, speech language pathologist, is showing two thumbs up as a sign of a patients' accomplishment after performing a Modified Barium Swallow Assessment. Modified barium swallow assessments are specifically aimed at evaluating the swallowing process in individuals who have difficulty swallowing food without inhaling it into the windpipe. X-rays may be taken of specific abnormalities, and the entire test may be recorded for later viewing. This test was performed at our hospital, where Jackie was able to advance her patient from being able to eat nothing by mouth to an oral diet, something he had not been unable to do for months! Even better, she was able to have a dinner date with his family that same evening! These are the days Jackie lives for as an SLP! “I am humbled and grateful to be a part of each of my patient’s journey to recovery; they have no idea how inspirational and strong they are.” - Jacyln Grill