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Innovative technology

Bioness H200® Non-invasive device uses electrical stimulation to reeducate muscles and reduce spasticity, helping patients improve hand function and voluntary movement.

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Who can benefit from treatment?

Patients recovering from conditions, such as stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury, which impair neurological abilities, like grasping, may benefit from Bioness H200.

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Benefits of treatment

  • Improved hand function and voluntary movement
  • Muscle re-education
  • Reduced spasticity
  • Prevention of atrophy
  • Increased range of motion and blood circulation
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Individual results may vary. Consult with a qualified physician to determine if these products are right for you.

Important Safety Information and Risks: For Indications for Use, Contraindications, Warnings, Adverse Reactions, Precautions, and other safety information please refer to (also available in the L300/L300 Go/H200/H200 Wireless User's Guide).